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The Importance of Lighting

The goal of interior design is to create beautiful, functional spaces that feel effortless and welcoming.  The work of picking out just the right materials, furniture, color palette, etc. can be for naught if the lighting of the space isn’t appropriate. How much light is needed? What tasks will be done in the space?  In addition to being functional, lighting is also an aesthetic component of design. Are there architectural components or artwork that should be highlighted? Or a room or entrance that can be highlighted by a dramatic fixture? By working with your Interior Designer to provide layers of light throughout (ambient, task, accent, etc.), you are guaranteed to get a beautifully lit space.

California is leading the way with implementing Building Energy Efficiency Program (Title 24) which requires the use of high efficacy lighting solutions and includes a Color Rendering Index (CRI) requirement of minimum of 90 (CA Title 24 - Lighting Requirements).  Daylight has a CRI of 100, so the higher the index the clearer the color (see picture below for examples).

2018 Color of the Year

Ever wonder what makes a “Color of the Year”?  There are so many different colors out there and each company that is focused on design has their own version.  These decisions influence our everyday lives whether we are deciding on a new wall color or purchasing a new sweater (or bathing suit for Spring Break!).

Pantone 2018 Color of the Year

Color impacts more than paint selection when it comes to interior design – think about fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, tile, flooring and even lighting.  It evokes emotion and can influence your mood and impulses (consider the warm lighting and the use of red at Target).

Sherwin Williams 2018 Color of the Year

At Design Matters, we love the opportunity to use pops of color, especially in our bathroom designs.  We had fun playing with color in this transitional ranch style renovation for a client of ours.  The richness of the red vanity in contrast with the subtle earth tones and overall natural look and feel of materials creates a whimsical introduction for an informal guest bath.   

2018 Interior Design Trends

The new year is well under way and we have spent the month of January moving into our new showroom - come see us at 455 N. Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos!  The move compelled us to review our material library and determine which items would be moving with us.  This can be a daunting task, but also inspiring! 

We are so grateful that we get to work with these beautiful materials daily to make selections for our client projects.  With that in mind, we thought we would share some of our favorite 2018 Design Trends:

  1. Freshome: 2018 Interior Design Trends
  2. House Beautiful: 2018 Decor Trends
  3. Houzz: Interior Design Trends Expected to Take Hold in 2018
  4. Apartment Therapy: Big Bathroom Trends to Watch out for in 2018
  5. 18 Home Design Trends for 2018

We especially like the use of mixed metals and color for kitchen remodel projects...gorgeous!

The Rutt Family Welcomes…

As graduation season approaches, we thought we would inform you of our recent accomplishment as well! 

I would like to personally thank the Rutt Cabinetry family for hosting an amazing education seminar this past April, and we’re so excited to be a part of Rutt’s exclusive family in offering top quality cabinetry to our clients!  



Tips and Tricks

As a designer I often get asked, “What are some things I should consider before remodeling or designing my house?” Or, “Do you have any quick tips you can share?” There is so much information out there and sometimes even the smallest things (or what seems like a small thing) can make such an impact – good and bad! So I wanted to share an article that offers some great advice and a few do’s and don’ts on topics such as color, space planning, construction, and more!

And we couldn’t agree more with these words of wisdom - “Never ever drink wine while operating power tools. The dust will spoil it.”


Pillow Talk

Now that we have your attention… We’re excited to introduce our new custom “Los Gatos Coordinates” pillow!

Our hand-stamped exclusive “Los Gatos Town Cat” pillows were such a hit over the last few seasons, we couldn’t help but add a new pillow to our collection and to pair with your favorite LG cat accessory!

These make the perfect housewarming gift (let’s face it, flowers only last a week or so); a great home or nursery accessory (or any room, really); a sentimental reminder of someone’s special or favorite place (who doesn’t love Los Gatos?); or even a gift solution for that person you can never seem to find a gift for (and we all know THAT person, right?)!

Luckily, we have two color options from which to choose, and you can mix and match between both styles and colors!

Design and Color Trends

Trends to consider when choosing colors, home décor, and window coverings for your home.

It been declared, many trend and color organization have proclaimed their colors of the year for 2016. While there are lots of announcements, you will see a trend of softer hues of color with many shades of blue, white and even pink. These delicate colors are very flexible when you look at the variety of ways they can be used in your home décor either by themselves or as a contrast with a different color.

Elegant Drama

Using contrasting colors is a great way to add elegance and drama to a room. Consider a bold color as a highlight or accent to a room that has neutral colors at its core.

Modern Vibe

Focusing entirely on shades of gray and whites imparts a modern, contemporary vibe. A white-on-white décor evokes and airy space with an intense yet soft flow of light.

Calming Design

A soothing, serene color palette calms the senses and evokes a feeling of relaxation and respite. Being constantly connected to technology, email, phone, and text, we find ourselves over stimulated. We want to take a step back, live our lives at a slower

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